Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Year...

What will this new year bring?  I have no clue!  But that's the good thing about it.  We have spent this last year struggling with this news in our life.  For me it's been a year of battling depression and trying to find my new place here.  I am so thankful for a husband that 'holds on for the ride' through all my ups and downs. 

Recently I have been able to talk to quite a few families about CNBC, ours and their own struggles, the reasons for being CNBC (child's death, medical, choice, etc...) and it keeps amazing me how many people are affected by it.  One recently thanked me for speaking up about it because it was an encouragement for her to hear someone else dealing with it.  So many women and men feel alone in this fight.

Recently we were blessed with friends honoring us to be their children's God parents.  Not just an 'awww that's sweet' gesture, but an honest "you are the ones we would trust to raise our children as we do" honor.  What an awesome feeling.  What awesome friends.  No, we might not have our own two-legged children; but the way we live our lives and love children is still seen. 

The question still comes up alot, why don't we adopt or foster.  I don't know.  Maybe we will in the future, but if we don't, that's ok too.  That's a whole other post for another day.

Back to what this year will bring?  I still have no clue.  But that's the fun of it!  Learning to enjoy each day that we are blessed with and continue to educate about CNBC.  Thank you all for following us here...