Sunday, December 27, 2015

More honesty...

(From Lawrence)

So... This is the husband who is a little more crass...

If I hear another birth announcement from someone who is so uncaring so as to brag to me about it knowing our situation, or the next person who posts a "joke" online that they are having a "Christmas baby" thinking it will be a cute and "harmless" joke (hello family), *I'm am not going to ignore it and be nice.

Screw them, I'm done.  -  Lawrence

(From Jenny:  I decided to go ahead and post Lawrence's true feelings (*actually I sanitized it and took out the poop comment).  Sorry if this offends anyone, but actually - I am not sorry.  This website is to show the true side of being CNBC, right or wrong it hurts - and sometimes you just have to say it.)

The feeling of being left behind...

Am I being left behind?  That is how I am feeling tonight.  I want to be joyous for others, I want to be happy and excited for them...  Instead my anxiety is through the roof and I want to cry, crawling in my blanket fort and closing off from the world is in my future.

A few of my friend's with fertility problems have finally been able to have children or are expecting - and I am still sitting here dreaming, trying to cope.

This post is of few words....  just pain tonight.

I am not sure who drew this, but it describes me tonight...  thank you to who ever did.