Friday, February 3, 2012


Recently I had a wonderful talk with a lady I met at the gym.  She heard me say something about not having children, and wanted to thank me for speaking up.  That her and her husband are also going through infertility and that it was nice to find someone else open about going through it.  I really enjoyed chatting with her and shared our thoughts on adoption. 

It's hard to find affordable adoption options.  Yes her/we can afford to support a child in our household, but to put 15-20,000 upfront to an agency is impossible.  We're not going to mortgage our lives and create horrible debt, just to struggle once the child is here.

But I wanted to share with those reading this as I shared with her, a state option of adopting foster children without the huge costs.  She was very happy to get this information, which made me think, others might also.

Now to my loved ones, don't get excited....  at this time we are not considering adoption.  We promise to let you know if we do, smiles.........

Right now I am happy with my god-children (love you S&M) and my god-pets (love you Suzy.  Yes folks, I have been asked to be god-parent for her pets)...  and our furry-children.  Belle says 'hi".

Love to you all...  thank you for still learning about CNBC.