Monday, February 4, 2013

Is life worth it?

I have had two people write me recently expressing their frustrations, depression, and lack of will to go on - all because they can't have children.  I wish I could sit down with them, look them in the eyes, comfort their pain, but give them hope also... 

One, the husband was contemplating divorce because maybe who ever his wife then married could give her a child.  Gracious NO!  Another flat out saying they couldn't find the will to go on...  Again, society has brainwashed us to believe only by obtaining certain things in life will we ever be happy.  What a lie!!!

First off, divorce should not be an option. Unfortunately, having children is not in God's plan for everyone. Why? We may never know.  But we have to be able to accept these things to move forward and cherish our marriage. Society puts alot of demands on a couples that are not true. Having children does not always make a happy marriage. You two together can make a happy marriage. Yes, adoption is always an option. If you feel that is what God wants you to do. But it is OK to not have children. 

Does it still hurt? Yes, sometimes. But you and your spouse can be so happy, thriving on each others love, it can fill the void you once had. God gives us marriage to complete each other.  If I keep reaching out for a child, something that isn't in the cards for me, then I neglect and damage my husband, our love, our marriage...  Am I telling him HE is not enough???

That is so true...  by neglecting a spouse, you are telling them they are not enough.  

Yes, we WILL and DO go through grief, depression, hurt, pain, everything...  But at the end of the day - we have to stand up, dust ourselves off, cherish and love our spouse.  Never taking for granted their love and the life you have.