Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adding to the family, our way...

I last said that, "No, I might not have a child in my house... but I have so many in my life."  That is so true 

We added another child to our 'home' this weekend.  No, I am not talking about our four-legged children...  but a beautiful little girl.  Last year we were honored to accept the great responsibility of being God-Parents to our friend's three children, and last night we were asked to be God-Parents for another little girl.  

This is not something we take lightly, and no one should.  We are never guaranteed tomorrow, and we pray to never see our home needed in this aspect...  But it is with great honor to accept these parents trust.  

What's the big deal many ask?  It's not just agreeing to take a child if the worst should happen.  It's understanding & honoring the parents wishes for how they want their child raised.  These two families believe we will follow in their footsteps and continue the love and strong home they now give their children.

Thank you........  Thank you both for giving us this amazing honor.