Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Traditions

Finally, we have started to discover what we NEED in our lives to fill the voids CNBC creates and the disappointments in life.  In years past we have tried to be the normal family with preparations for the holidays:  stockings, Christmas trees, decorations, presents, baking cookies, etc.  I am not saying these are bad things!  Yet this year we tailored them to our needs, not what society says they have to be.

A smaller tree on the dining room table, cards received under the tree instead of presents, stockings and other ornaments hung in the window, just enough cookies baked to give away...  We enjoyed the smaller decorations so much more!

For me the few weeks leading up to Christmas can feel very lonely.  Not having the family we imagined and hoped for can be very depressing this time of year.  A time of year that should be joyous!  So what did we change this year beyond smaller decorations?  WE LEFT TOWN!!!  Ahhhh!  We left town?!?!  How could we?  Easy.

Leaving town the few days leading up to Christmas was the best decision we have made in a long time.  We were gifted with two nights away and chose to take them the 23rd & 24th, at first not realizing how important those two days were.  Removing ourselves from the days building up to Christmas released us from the expectations of society and stress.  We concentrated on ourselves, not the world.

This is the first year in a long time that I haven't sat there staring at the tree feeling like something was missing.  Why dwell on what we cannot have?  Why not rejoice in our blessings of an amazing marriage?  We can celebrate each other and create new traditions for our little family.

We quickly decided this will be a new tradition for us that we want to continue.

Stepping away from a time and habit that depresses me and meeting new people, seeing new places, and thriving in our blessed marriage has opened my eyes.

People may not understand, family might balk, but it is time to take care of ME.

I pray many of you find this peace in 2017.  It is alright to stop and take care of yourself, to step away from societies traditions and pursue joy in life - not dwelling on things we cannot change.