Thursday, October 9, 2014

"This was not our choice!"

I am sorry for being away from here for so long.  Sometimes it's because I am dwelling on CNBC and too depressed to write; other times it's because I am LIVING!  Living a life that I love, understand and accept.  (Other times it's because my computer went down... smiles...)

During my absence, a dear woman posted a comment on here.  Immediately when I read it, I thought "her words need to be the next post."  She spoke so well, reading my mind and saying what so often I have a hard time expressing.  I hope she doesn't mind...  I want to share with you all, that we are not alone. 

"Thank you for creating a blog about CNBC. I feel like these days it's assumed that if you want something bad enough then you will do whatever it takes to get it. So when my husband and I decided we don't (at the moment) want to go incredibly into debt to pursue IVF or adoption, that made it our choice to be childless. This was not our choice! It hurts and I ache for a child of our own, but I don't feel like the 'have a baby at all costs' persona suits us either. We don't want to put ourselves through any more of the emotional turmoil of 'trying' with IVF, and at this point in our lives it wouldn't make sense to go that far into debt to adopt, and then be financial unstable with a child. I think our society doesn't believe any longer in the concept of gracefully accepting your circumstances. It's not that we wouldn't change things if we could, but God put us in this situation for a purpose, and although we struggle, we know HE is in control.  - RB"

Just like my favorite song It Is Well With My Soul....   Because we chose not to go at it all costs, does not mean our heart isn't broken. 

How beautifully, heart breaking and honest written that is.  I have nothing to add - RB said it all.... 

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